Your senior year only happens once. When you are a #snowmansenior, you are treated like royalty. Never again in your life will you have a session 100% dedicated to YOU and only you. Good photos aren't good enough. You deserve to have your beauty  and uniqueness flawlessly captured.

Every senior leaves their session feeling empowered, loved, and beautiful inside and out.

So what's the senior experience like? It's a four step experience that is more and more fun every step of the way. First of all, I get to know you. I only take on a limited amount of seniors per year in order to be able to truly connect with and pamper every single girl. I've been a senior girl. I know how unique you are, and I believe that in order for your individuality to be captured, I have to know you! When we plan your session, you get tons of tips to nail your session. We choose the perfect location, I help you with outfits that make you feel gorgeous, and we choose your props. 

At the session, we have a total blast. You arrive feeling on top of the world, and I take care of the rest. I walk you through every single pose, highlighting all your favorite features. We jam to music you love to make you feel even more comfortable. 

After your session, I'll hand edit your images, and we schedule your session premier! We sit down and look at all of the gorgeous images we created. You choose your favorites, and we custom design your gorgeous senior album together. Also, there's snacks and lattes. ;) 

At the end of the experience, you receive your gorgeous senior album, and your beautiful art prints that will last a lifetime. Many of my seniors have come back to become my brides later on which is the ultimate dream. I love continuing my relationship with you far past your session and hearing all about where your life takes you. 

The Process


1. The Pre-Consultation

Before your session, we discuss all of your goals for your images. I spend time getting to know you and what matters most to you. Every senior is different, and my goal is to serve you how you need to be served. That starts with getting to know you, and helping you plan everything from outfit choices, to location, to props that we should include.

2. The Session

Senior sessions are an adventure. Often times, we end up at 3 or 4 different locations just exploring and having a total blast. We blare your favorite music, I walk you through every single pose, and occasionally I almost fall of a ladder trying to capture your beauty. (It's so worth it.)

3. The Premier

My favorite part of the process is your premier, when you will see all of your images for the first time, choose your favorites, and create your custom senior album. You will be absolutely blown away by how beautiful you are. This is a truly life changing experience and you will finally realize the beauty that everyone else sees in you that you haven't seen in yourself.

4. Heirloom Delivery

After your premier, your order is placed and your heirlooms are on their way. I will inspect everything ensuring that it is exactly as it should be, and then we arrange delivery. Seniors absolutely love getting their albums, and any other really cool products to give to their friends.