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Senior Modeling 2020 Highlights

Senior modeling 2020 was a HUGE success. I had over 30 local seniors apply, and I chose 9 girls as my models. As I look at that number, it's bothering me that I didn't choose 10. Why 9? I have no idea. I had intended to choose 5, but I couldn't narrow it down, so 9 it was. (Note to self -- choose an even number of models next year.)

ANYWAYS. Every single girl SHOWED UP. I mean, hair done, highlights on point, outfits planned, and just glowing from the inside out. Getting to know these girls was seriously the best thing I have done all year for my photography business. As I look towards 2020 and 2021, seniors are going to get a whole lot of attention. Why do I love them? What's not to love about working with unique girls who want to be there having their portrait taken?

These girls had 15 minute sessions, and next year, I think it needs to be longer. We needed more time to play because we were having so much darn fun, I didn't want any session to end! But seriously... in 15 minutes, we created MAGIC. Just imagine what we can do in a full 2 hour session. ;)

Here are some of the highlights from 2020 senior modeling that I am OBSESSED with. Once again a huge, huge THANK YOU to Madi, Bre, Karsyn, McKenna B, Riley, Kaylee, Hannah, Katie, and McKenna C for being willing to model for me. You all are the best. <3

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