• Taylor Snowman

Kenzie & Jace

After a shooting hiatus due to everything going on in the world, it felt so good to get back to telling love stories. Kenzie and Jace have been together since 8th grade, and their love is still so sweet and genuine. Every time Kenzie looked at Jace, she would get the biggest smile on her face or start laughing. Jace knows exactly how to take care of his woman, make her laugh, and let her shine.

Kenzie chose a gorgeous emerald green dress for their first look of the evening. It was a perfect choice to highlight her eyes. I always recommend starting with a fancier look. Then, they transitioned into a more everyday look. Kenzie nailed the style with jeans, a black tank, and a kimono. Kimonos and cardigans are some of my favorite choices because they add an element of movement and life to your portraits. Also, the solids with the one pop of print in her kimono, kept all of the interest on Kenzie and Jace. Couple's sessions are so important to me because I want it to be more than a photography session. I want it to be a date. The kind of date where you are more in love than when the date started. We have fun, we laugh, we talk, and I try to get the couple to remember all of the things that make their love story so special and unique. Telling stories is what connects us to each other. Sharing our stories, our joys, our struggles... these are what binds us together and makes life so beautiful. When my couples look back on their portraits, I want them to remember how in love they felt that day. How much fun they had. If you had a terrible time at your session and felt awkward, no matter how gorgeous your portraits are, you won't look back on them with fond memories. That's why sessions with me are so much more than just a session. They are an experience that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life. ❤️

Enjoy Kenzie and Jace's breathtaking sunset session.



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