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Jake & Mara

Couples sessions capture what life is all about... celebrating and having fun with the ones you love. This was an extra-special session for me, because I got to photograph my brother for the first time and his beautiful girlfriend, Mara. Jake and Mara have been together since October, and they are just beyond adorable (as you can clearly see below)!

These two were troopers. IT. WAS. HOT. Bugs were everywhere, the humidity was off the charts... but these two had fun with it anyway. I always tell my couples go to dinner before or after, make it a date night. Make it something special. Then, every time you look at your images you will remember what a great night it was.

Jake and Mara are just both super sweet, laid-back people. They have a special bond and they interact as best friends. I noticed they randomly high-five a lot, so I had to capture that at the end as well. ;) They also just adopted their first pet together... little Casper. I wasn't joking when I told them they should have brought him along, but they left him home anyway.

Enjoy looking at this beautiful couple and the love that they share!

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