• Taylor Snowman

Demi & Jake's Canton, IL Engagement Session

Creating a session that is unique to you and the love of your life is so important. No engagement session I ever shoot is like one I have done before. Every one of them is tailored to the specific couple and their love story. Demi and Jake have been dating for a couple of years, and Jake proposed recently while they were on a romantic ski trip he had planned for them! Capturing their engagement in the snow couldn't have been more perfect to go with their proposal story.

Jake is also a firefighter. We had so much fun posing on the trucks and in the firehouse for adorable images. Let me just tell you, visiting the firehouse was also a huge learning experience! For one thing, you can't appreciate what firefighters do until you have lifted all the things they wear and carry on their backs during a fire. I could barely lift his helmet, let alone the oxygen tank he let me try to hold. The best part about photographing a firefighter and his girl? No matter how many times you ask him to pick her up, swing her around, put her on his back, it's no problem! :) I just love these two and I am so blessed to have been able to capture their beautiful love story. Xx.


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