• Taylor Snowman

Bella's Senior Session

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Meet Bella! Bella is passionate about the world, people, and conservation. She's an incredible dancer, loves Indie music, and has a heart of gold. Bella carries herself with grace and confidence, and she spent 90% of our time together barefoot! Bella is a beautiful young woman inside and out.

When I first met Bella and her mom for our consultation session, we talked about locations. We decided to start our session in downtown Canton, as well as at Lakeland park for a natural landscape right at sunset. During our consultation, we always plan outfits! Bella chose a beautiful dance ensemble, with flowing, organic lines, a pair of overalls with a crochet top, a mini skirt with a top for an urban vibe, and my favorite look -- a gorgeous red-orange skirt with a classic white top. I always encourage my Seniors to choose a variety of different looks and outfits that capture all of the different sides of their personalities, as well as ones that will suit the backgrounds we have chosen together.

Bella was such a natural at her session, she taught me so many things, and I can't wait to work with her at our next session! 😍

Enjoy a sneak peek of Bella's session!

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