• Taylor Snowman

Bekah and Daniel

Oh my gosh. These two love-birds are seriously the cutest! Bekah and Daniel met in February, and they knew right away "this was it." When they reached out to me in July, they were engaged, so we scheduled their engagement session. Their wedding was still in the process of all the details. In August they decided that they just couldn't wait any longer to commit their lives to one another, so they eloped!

They didn't have a professional photographer at their wedding, so these were the portraits they invested in to capture their engagement, marriage, and love all in one! These two prioritize photography and were telling me all the spaces in their home they have waiting for these images. That's why I do what I do. Knowing that the images that I was able to create with my clients will be displayed in their homes for decades to come gives me goosebumps.

My goal is always to love my clients from the second they inquire and continue to serve them even years later. Yes, I take photos, but what I do is so much bigger than that. I do what I do because I care about love and I care about marriage. I am praying Bekah and Daniel have many years together and that God blesses their marriage.

Enjoy these portraits. These two rocked their session. They brought two different looks, one dressier, one more casual. This is always what I recommend! Their first look was a lot of white, which gave almost an angelic feel to their portraits. Their second look was a rust toned dress with a grey-blue button up. These colors are one of my favorite combos!

Thank you so much, Bekah and Daniel for being so much fun to work with and for letting me create these images of you.



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