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Behind the Scenes with Taylor Snowman Photography

Okay, this is going to be different for me. I want to let you behind the camera and into my workspace. I want to show you everything from what I do at my sessions to my behind the scenes editing work with my senior clients.

So I'll start with the beginning and my favorite part of the process -- the actual session working with my senior. Here I am on location with the gorgeous, McKenna. She is an artist, and we saw this super cool tree that was cut up. She had her brushes with her, so we decided it would be neat to have her pretend to paint the tree, as if she was creating the bark texture with her brush.

Now here is how I edit. At home, snuggled up on my couch with my cup of coffee. My favorite way to edit is on Monday nights while I'm watching the Bachlorette, but that doesn't always happen so most of the time I'm working away with my adorable daughter right beside me. (Yes, she's almost always that happy.)

I use Adobe Lightroom CC for all of my editing. Occasionally I'll jump into Photoshop, but Lightroom is where I do most of my post-processing work. I download all of the images we took, sort through and find the best ones, upload them all to Lightroom, and then get to work.

Least favorite part of the entire process? Culling hands-down. (Culling = fancy photographer word for sorting through to find the best images.) It's a long and tedious process and I find it pretty boring.

Now we're into Lightroom. I love this part too. I've never shown my unedited work before next to my edited, but here it is. On the left you see the image of McKenna straight out of the camera. I have done nothing to it. You can see it's slightly underexposed. I always shoot this way on purpose because I love the moodier feel, and it also allows me to pull out highlights in post processing for a glowing effect. On the right you see the final image.

Below you can see what Lightroom looks like. On the right you see some little sliders. Those sliders go way down and there are about 60 of them. I hand adjust all of them until the image is perfection. Editing these portraits took me about 15-20 minutes per image.

I hope you found this peek behind the scenes interesting! Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm always happy to share. You can email me at: as well as see more of my work at If you're interested in booking a session with me, let's chat about your dream portraits! Also, follow me on Instagram at: taylorsnowmanphoto.

<3 Taylor

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