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This girl is amazing. When Allysia arrived at her session, she was in just about the coolest car ever... a dark green Chevelle. Her mom and dad were driving a gorgeous, red truck. Allysia has such a huge heart. She is going to school to become a special education teacher and I can't think of a more fitting job for her. She just exudes sweetness and love to everyone around her.

Photographing her was a total blast. She rocked 4 different looks, 3 locations, two sweet rides, and 1 handsome boyfriend. (I wasn't even trying to do that at first, but now I feel pretty clever if you see what I did there.) I love senior sessions because we all lose complete track of time. By the end, we had to call it quits just because we completely ran out of light, but we used every single second we could until the sun was gone.

The best part of our session was getting her out on the rock in the pond at the end of our session. Her mom and aunt were in the background laughing, and her dad and boyfriend were bound and determined to help her reach the rock. They laid out a metal beam for her to balance on, and we finally got her on there. I was holding my breath the whole time she was getting there, but the images are SO WORTH IT.

Thank you, Allysia for trusting me, for trying all sorts of crazy things, and just being a total blast to work with. I can't wait for our spring session. 😘



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