• Taylor Snowman

6 Things You Haven't Heard - Choosing Props For Your Senior Session

"What props should I bring?" is one of the most common questions I get as a senior portrait photographer. Here are some things to consider when choosing your props for your session!

Katie wore a simple, black tank which made the gold glitter pop!

1. Write Down Who You Are. Senior Portraits are all about capturing YOU. First, you need to figure out what it is about yourself that you want to capture. What sports, activities, passions, and personality traits do you want to remember about yourself?

2. Think 10 Years Later. Props can easily get cheesy. Whenever you're considering a prop, think 10 years down the road. Will it still look good? If so, it's probably a great option.

3. Make Your Outfit Your Prop. Kimonos, dresses, hats, jackets, and sunglasses can all easily be turned into fun props.

4. Add some sparkle! One of my favorite things to do with seniors is to bring out the glitter and sparkles. I love all things that glitter, and using sparkly props is a fun way to capture YOUR sparkle! (Yes, I realize I just used the word sparkle like 10 times.)

5. Think About Who You Love! I have had seniors feature their moms, siblings, best friends, and pets in their portraits. It's such a fun way to remember not only what matters to you, but WHO.

6. Get Sentimental. Bring a portrait of you as a child, a special blanket, jewelry from a loved one who has passed away... It's these portraits in your album that will make for the most beautiful stories you can tell for decades to come.

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