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10 Tips to Prepare for Your Senior Session

Your Senior Session is probably the first time you've ever had an entire professional portrait session dedicated to you! This can be nerve-wracking! Preparation is key to nailing your session.

1. Book Early! My most popular dates book up months in advance. It's important that you do not wait until the last minute to schedule your senior portrait sessions.

2. Get Inspired. Look at Pinterest, Instagram, and other blog posts to get ideas for what you would like to do for your session.

3. Wear Your Worst First! Wear your least favorite outfit first. The first look never turns out as beautifully as later looks because you are still getting comfortable behind the camera. Save your best outfits for last.

4. Run Your Outfits by Your Photographer. I love giving my seniors advice about their outfits. Your photographer should be able to help you decide which colors will work best with your locations.

5. Think Head to Toe. Every part of every look will be photographed, so make sure you coordinate shoes and accessories for each outfit. Check out this blog post for more advice on what to wear.

6. Pay Attention to Your Nails. Nothing ruins a portrait more than chipped nail polish. Make sure your hands are either polish free or freshly manicured.

7. Drink Tons of Water! All week before your session, drink as much water as you can. It will make your skin glow, your lips plump, and your eyes bright.

8. Gather Your Props. Make sure you have everything ready to go in advance so you are not scrambling the day of your session.

9. Chapstick All Week! Dry, cracked lips are impossible to Photoshop. Apply chapstick all week before your session for beautiful, soft lips.

10. Try on Everything. Make sure everything fits the way you want, is wrinkle-free, and accessorized the way you want.

11. Practice Your Expressions. Look in the mirror to practice your smile, your serious look, and your half smile. A little practice will help you realize what you do and don't want to look like in your portraits.

12. Relax and Have Fun!! We will have a blast at your session. We will blare some music, laugh, and I will take care of all your poses. Come ready for some fun with an open mind.

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