The Experience

I believe images are meant to be part of your daily life, serving as a reminder of who matters most to you.

At Taylor Snowman Photography, I do things a little differently than other photographers. Working with me is a complete experience, where the end goal is providing you with gorgeous, heirloom quality artwork for your home.

When you work with Taylor Snowman Photography you are cared for every single step of the way. I have perfected a 4 step process, where by step 3, most clients are in tears with joy. It's my job to serve you and make sure you receive works of art you will cherish for the rest of your lives and pass down to your kids. That's why every single session is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Your grandkids are not going to hop onto Facebook and look at the images you posted someday. They're not going to scroll through your cellphone and see the portraits you captured. Have you ever held an image of your grandparents together when they were young? Have you touched the paper? Looked at the old, black and white image of two people, young and in love? Now imagine viewing that same image on your cell phone. Images are not meant to live on a computer, cell phone, or USB stick. Images are meant to be experienced as tangible objects.

You are going to receive so much more than pictures. You deserve so much better service than an email containing all of your images. Let's be honest... you will likely never print your images. 90% of people who have portrait sessions never print their images. What does that mean? Well, they get posted on social media, gather a whole bunch of likes, and are never thought about again. The 10% of people who do print their images will go to a drugstore or a consumer website and receive images printed with inks that will be lucky to last 10 years. You will be blown away when you see the quality of your images presented to you as works of art. When you work with Taylor Snowman Photography, you recieve pieces of art that will enhance your life every single day.

The Process


1. The Pre-Consultation

Before your session, we discuss all of your goals for your images. I spend time getting to know you and what matters most to you. Every client is different, and my goal is to serve you how you need to be served. That starts with getting to know you, and helping you plan everything from outfit choices to location, to what size canvas you will need for your living room.

2. The Session

We meet at a location that is perfect for you, and you are fully prepared for the day with lots of session tips to ensure we create gorgeous images. You don't worry have to worry about posing, or what you will do. Leave that to me. I specialize in capturing the authentic connection you have with your loved ones. Sessions are a blast!

3. The Premier

My favorite part of the process is your premier, when you will see all of your images for the first time, choose your favorites, and finalize your album and wall collections. This is the part where many moms cry. There is nothing like seeing your family in a whole new way. You will be blown away by how beautifully your loved ones were captured.

4. Heirloom Delivery

After your premier, your order is placed and your heirlooms are on their way. I will inspect everything ensuring that it is exactly as it should be, and then we arrange delivery. This is always the most exciting part for the clients, and it's like Christmas morning when delivery day comes around!