Whether you're looking for a wedding photographer, engagement photographer, or someone to capture you and your person... I specialize in capturing the authentic and romantic connections between two people in love.

Your love story deserves to be told.

Your connection is unique and important. When you let me capture your story, you will have heirloom pieces to enjoy every single day, serving as a reminder of the one you love the most. Together, we will create memory books, albums, or wall art that you will pass down to your kids and grandkids. 

When couples want a photographer to capture their silliness, their sweetness, their epic love in a way that is completely authentic and genuine, they hire me. When couples want someone capturing their wedding day who knows how to run an entire 10 hour day, start to finish without any bumps or worries, they hire me. When couples are eloping and they want to ensure that their intimate start to their marriage is captured to perfection, I'm their girl.

You probably won't see the tear on your dad's cheek when he's walking you down the aisle. When you come to your premier where you first see all of your photos, it's images like that that will move you to tears. You will be so happy knowing you hired someone who has the expertise and care to capture every single moment that is so important to you. I love epic shots. Super cool, beautiful, creative, magazine worthy images. And trust me, you'll have plenty of them. But most of the time, your favorite image is the hug from your mom, where I have captured the proud look on her face you couldn't see. The look on your groom's face when he saw you walking down the aisle. The laughter of your friends as they dance together at your reception. All of these little moments will be captured with so much love and care because your story matters. I capture every couple's wedding like I would want my own captured.

The Process


1. The Pre-Consultation

Whether it's your wedding, an engagement session, or both, the pre-consultation is so much fun. We get together, and I hear all about your story. We talk about what's important to you, what you love most about the other person, and how you want your story captured. We lay out your entire wedding day timeline, plan your engagement outfits, and locations, and more.

2. The Engagement Session

You will leave your couple's session more in love than when you came. Let's be honest, most guys aren't thrilled to be there. By the end, every single one is telling me "that was actually pretty fun." We have a blast. There are no cheesy, awkward, or fake poses. I walk you through the entire process, and we laugh and have fun the entire time.

3. The Premier

After the couple's session and/or wedding are all said and done, my favorite part happens. The premier. We sit down with drinks and snacks, and enjoy looking at all of your gorgeous images fully edited. You will be blown away seeing your story told like this. We will put the finishing touches on your memory books, albums, and wall art that you will enjoy in your home every single day.

4. Heirloom Delivery

After your premier, your order is placed and your heirlooms are on their way. I will inspect everything ensuring that it is exactly as it should be, and then we arrange delivery. Delivery day is like Christmas morning for my brides. Seeing all of their images in gorgeous print is an experience you will never forget. And you won't have to, because your heirlooms will last for generations.